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Album Blocks

Show off an album’s worth of high quality photo prints in one rotating display of Fine Art Mounted Prints, stored on a beautifully crafted solid wood base. Available in four colors or stains (black, white, brown stain, or natural). A solid styrene mount for your prints that won’t warp over time allows you to keep images out in the open where they belong.

                             5x7            8x10

10 Mounted Prints      $550          $650  

20 Mounted Prints     $800          $950

Acyrlic Block

Give your Images a Depth and Richness that will Last a Lifetime.

AcyrlicBlocks are  a free standing 1” thick piece finished with a durable matting on the back to prevent scratching even when displayed in high traffic areas.

8x8 $295

8x10 $345

8x12 $395

Image Boxes                            

Hold prints or mounted prints in a stylish Image Box

                                              4x6           5x7

100 Prints or 10 Mounted Prints      $650         $750

250 Prints or 25 Mounted Prints      $850         $950

Canvas Connectibles

Made from  Canvas Blocks, Canvas Connectibles are connected with sturdy, high quality aluminum hardware to hold your photos together for years to come! Easily add more sections and choose from several arrangements.

(4) 12x12 $895

(6) 12x12 $995

(9) 12x12 $1145

Canvas Image Pop

ImagePops are perfect when you want a simple POP of creativity to make an image stand-out…literally! Select one area of your image you want to accentuate and we will POP it out in your display.

16x20 $845

24x24 $895

20x30 $945

24x30 $995

3D Canvas Collage

With several designs to choose from, this Canvas exclusive lightweight, interconnected construction displays 3-7 images and is super easy to install!

3 Panels: 12x12/(2)6x6 $845

12x18/(2)6x12 $895

20x20 /(2)12x12 $945

5 Panels: 12x12/(4)6x6 $895

20x20/(4)8x8 $945

7 Panels: 20x30/(6)8x8 $1145

Metal Shelfie

3 Metal Prints or Fine Art Mounts on a solid wood base with the PhotoShelfies! The interchangeable image options makes this versatile product perfect for contemporary or traditional home decor and office spaces.

(3) 6x6 $545

(3) 8x8 $595

(3) 8x10 $645

CURVED METALTake MetalPrints off the wall and onto your desk or tabletop! This unique option features our durable MetalPrints infused with vibrant colors, brilliant luminescence, and exceptional detail, curved into a convex or concave form for a free-standing display.

5x7        $195

8x10     $2455

11x14      $295

12x18     $345

The Premium BayLeaf Series Albums come in a custom box designed to hold our photographic albums. They can be finished with a Leatherette, Linen, Fabric or Photo Wrap Cover, and are available in a wide range of sizes. Coordinate your Album Box Cover with your Album for a beautiful presentation that will also protect the Album for years to come!
The seamless gutter allows the Premium BayLeaf Series Albums to lay flat so panoramic spreads look amazing.

BayLeaf Albums

This elegant, high-quality Album offers a variety of cover options. Chose from the Face Mount Acrylic Photo Cover, the MetalPrint or a variety of Fabric options. The polished edge of the acrylic and the substantial feel of the cover give your Album a refined touch that is sure to create awe every time you show it off. The back and spine of the Album is your choice of one of our 50 Cover Materials.  The MetalPrint Photo Covers are made using a special process where dyes are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the metal and not on it, your cover will take in an almost magical luminescence. Choose one of the 50 Cover Materials for a classic and refined look. Mix-and-Match up to 3 Cover Materials Choose up to three Cover Materials to wrap the cover: one for the Spine, one for the Front, and/or one for the Back of the album. Further personalize your album by adding up to 3 lines of Custom Imprinting to the Center and/or Lower Right Front Cover of the album. 

Moire Lining adds style to the inside covers of your BayLeaf Album. A vellum fly-page is also included for an elegant finishing touch.

BayLeaf Albums feature Seamless Page Spreads. Great when showing off panoramic spreads! 

Page Gilding adds a touch of elegance to your BayLeaf Albums.

We use only professional photo papers so that you always receive the longest lasting and highest quality photographic prints available.

12x12 or 11x14 $1995

White Series

Our full-page White Series Album spreads are printed on UV protected paper and mounted to substantial cardstock for thick pages that lay flat. The pages are printed with the HP Indigo press printing technology with liquid inks. This four color printing process uses dots of ink to create the image for a non-continuous tone. An Album printed on one of these papers will not discolor in the center crease like traditional photographic paper albums. Each turn of the page is a new opportunity to create a storyboard or collage. Or fill an entire spread with that one image that is worth a thousand words! These Albums provide a durable and stylish keepsake that will stand the test of time and keep your clients’ special memories vivid.

20 Pages

(10x10, 8x12) $1250

(8x8, 5x7) $800

Add 10 Pages $300

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